Sunday, May 21, 2017

Things that I Regretted


Being a Muslim, we are not encourage to feel regret what had past
Even being a normal human
NO, regret is something foolish to be done
Cause we know by heart we couldn't turn back time and do what we think we must've done back then

Just a sharing on what I regret not doing haha
Cause it keep pestering me if I'm not post it here hahaha

1. Continue pursuing Taekwondo

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No, not because Taekwondo originated from Korea
It's because I miss the healthy me back then when I'm still joining this sport
I still remember I missed my supposed-first tournament when I was Form 4 due to H1N1 and I'd been quarantined the whole week!! T_T
I was so so so very upset and even called my Sir whether I've to join or not
I told him I want to but he said, You're quarantine and get healthy tskkkkkkk 
Super saddddd T_T

And I told myself, I could try next year
However, my Mama  told me to rest for a year for my SPM
So I followed her advice
Don't asked me how's the result haha

Seriously I missed those damn days when I'm sweating and feels super duper healthy and youth!

And when I accepted to CFS, I was like, it's nearly 2 years without Taekwondo
But, that time I have really bad self confidence issue that caused me to not take the class
And even looks at their training with jealousy
I don't why 
Seriously don't asked me why

And people like, Seriously Shai ada black belt?
Yeah, 1st Dan and I would love to continue to 2nd, 3rd huuu
But I feel so damn fat and left behind and not fit anymore tskk sobss
A friend of mine once asked "Shai kenapa taknak sambung?"
"Ehe dah lama tinggal."
"Sayangnya hehe"
I know how's it feels like
Now, nearly 8 years without training
And remembered those hard days to get this black belt
And money spent huuuu $$$$

Who knows I could enter my 1st tournament and even go for International tournament 
Well who knows

And then I saw this pwetty woman from Turkey being so pwetty as a hijabi and she's a Taekwondo instructor woahhh
Really amazed

And I seldom practice on my own the Tae Geuk
But still don't have the urge to practice'em weekly like my Sir always told us to
But still whenever met my Sir he still got the proud-eyes looking at me (caused I'm one of the 1st batch who manage to get Black Belt within 3 years time)
Love you Sir, May Allah bless you always <3

2. Joining Kelana Siswa

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I really love so damn much outdoor activities
I really enjoy getting exposed to sunlight and get in touch with grass and being wild on the field
My 1st year here in IIUM, there were lots of booth opened for registration
I went to the table and there was a sister introducing to us this society
I love how she explained the activities and stuff
But, there I still left with this bad self confidence and still compromised myself to join the society
The uniform also one of my concern cause it wasn't that long huuu
And also that time I think I was still syadid haha
The uniform still long below the buttocks and I don't know whether it was a big issue or not haha
Cause everyone will be wearing the same
And I was once wore that kind of long uniform, My Taekwondo uniform!
It was that long too and I survived wearing them at school even! Hahaha silly me padan muka
As I watched my friends went here and there under this society, God I missed outdoor activities so damn much uhukkk tskkkk
Seeing their pictures went for hiking to lots of mountain just make me cry of jealousy hahahha

Besides, I don't have this skill of socializing with people I wasn't used too
I'm too afraid but you know, you'll eventually meet new person everyday! Hahaha

Just, Love Outdoor Activities!

3. Learning more languages

Image result for language class

Languages, the beauty of a culture
I did survived my Japanese I language class and did not continue the Japanese II
Cause time constrain lol
I figured IIUM opened lots of language classes other than Japanese class, such as French, Hangul, Mandarin, Arabic classes
I was intended to attend Arabic class cause I missed Arabic classes so much
The feeling of reading Quran wihile knowing the meaning is kinda like a moment sent from Heaven!
I missed those days when I learn Arabic back in school and CFS
Arabic is just too beautiful, the language it is

As for Mandarin, cause we live with Chinese and Indian also
Knowing others language and who knows in the future I can have a chat with my Chinese neighbor (taman sebelah ehe)
And to see their happy face when I try to speak Chinese hoho
But yeah missed that too
Juggling with too many things in a semester caused me to unable to even look at this additional knowledge sad isn't it

And also as for Japanese, one day I would like to visit Japan and I wouldn't want it too be just Kawaii, Arigatou, Gomenasai, Konichiwa and etc that normal conversation ehe

4. Track

Image result for track

Zubaidah once said, one a runner, always a runner
Like I said before, I love sweating
Cause it makes me feel healthy and youth
The reason is that I don't know how to participate when I was in CFS haha (do we have Track game during that time?haha)
And when in Kuantan, I already become too embarrassed to join cause I'm not use to having Bros at the side of the line even as judges huuu
It was just too 
OMG haha 
You know when you run and everything on you will shake OMG I don't believe I said this huhuu

I was like, I don't want Bros to see I'm shaking everything while I'm running
Cause it just too inappropriate huuuu

There was one time when I run and the bros are there as judges I was like I thought there'll be no bros
Oh god
This is just too huaaaaaa
And I took the route where bros unlikely to see I'm shaking huuu
But still they were there huuuuu

Ahhhhh that pretty much everything haha
Maybe there's more haha

This list maybe maybe maybe some of them I still can pursue even after graduating degree life
It just need self confidence, time, money and determination

This might be just my excuses of the things I regretted 

Just too afraid to try meeting and do something new
Guess I was also lack of motivation and determination even to pursue the things I love the most

And also I don't pretty much like socializing but I love outdoor activities haha
Maybe I'm ambivert? Haha (still don't recognize myself sighhh)

That's all :)

I bet maybe sometime in the future I'll be pursuing something different or new

Image result for outdoor activities quotes
Shall we? Ehe

Get in touch with nature
Listening to the symphony of the forest
Witnessing the beauty of the mountains
God, there're just too much to see :)

P/s: sampai sudah tak pegi caving huuu sobss. Da nak grad ni takde yang nak teman ke sobss

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