Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last Gathering


So, here it is, our last gathering
Family Day at Kempville, Kampung Kempadang
Had a blast and a lil bit sad

Perpisahan yang mengkhianati pertemuan
The day finally approaching
Slowly but surely
God I don't know if I'm ready or not hukkk

We started our gathering with BBQ night
So we prepared the night together

Team Function bancuh air (p/s: I'm here)

The most function team - the foooooddddd!!!!

That night well, emm,,tetiba takde mood selera nak makan
Sebab ada orang tu cakap aku gemuk kayhh -_-
The left over are too too many MashaAllah
Tapi da taklarat nak makan

Performance from Ichang-chan
Poem recitation by Hakim Hood and Fitri (during her speech)
And we had Pali semat as our MC that night

This is Aryan who loves to wink his eye awww such a handsome boy hikhik
The next day, we had outdoor game
We started with kayaking and mendayung sampan?? haha

With Salma, Syaz and Inani

For me who sooooo afraid of water, congrats to me (pat on the shoulder)

Yeah, that's me hanging 

Fadhil was like "Shaiii, pandang sini"
"Macam mana nak pandangggg????"
I was shivering maybe because my legs and hands are not that strong huu

Before this, I also played this hanging over water game and shouted like crazy coz there were Ruhan and Izzat who followed KakTen and me from behind
The ropes bergoyang like crazy and I shouted like crazy tooooo huuuu T_T
Please don't do this to me
Below is the water that I afraid so much
I don't know the depth, and it's stinks
I don't want to fall coz I'm sooo afraid I will drown (will someone save me? ehemm)
I don't know how to SWIM

And we rested for a while ?? haha
Under the tree while drinking coconut water taken freshly from trees
Cut opened by bros and drink right straight from the fruit w/out feeling ashamed haha

And then I saw this plank game
Remember the time I played this with Tasneem and took our victorious picture where we both successfully balance the plank wohoohohoho
And this time with Salma and Liz

Played with with Salma and Liz unknowingly Fadhil took our picture haha
And played sitting volleyball?? haha

Nice Syaz heheh
And did I mentioned I also couldn't control my hands' strength
I replied the ball that time and it hit Faris's jambul haha
And also some drama of course! by me haha

Below are the pictures of ramai ramai heheh
But some are not here in the pictures huuu
Rasanya bole kot after exam amek last pictures probably semua orang ada ekk

He's (Hakim) ready to jump, he jumped yeah but he's wearing short soo,,,

Ni selepas ditapis sebab banyak gambar Hakim bergolek golek melompat depan kamera haihh
In our class, he is one guy yg suka buat hal dia sukahati dia
Despite ramai yg marah haha
Ada jugak gambar orang rejam dia dengan cawan sebab bergolek depan kamera
Tapi sebab dia pakai short sooo,,emmm

And finally, I don't know we still had that Team Envi fond haha
So, the pictures of us Team Envi hikhukkkk
Also some of us huhuu

That BBQ Night on the veranda 

And under the trees,,wohoo Envi sangat haha

That's a wrap.
Thank you so much for the memory guys
The pictures that holding memories
Might remain forever
Exist forever
Hope left with good footprint and heartprint??? haha

May we meet again somewhere sometime in the future
May Allah bless us all

Thank you for being pieces of my memories
Nearly completing The Me that I was searching for

All the best for you guys' future plan
May Allah ease everything

P/S: Writing this while listening to "That's What Friends Are For" by Dionne Warwick T_T
P/S 2: Kawen jangan lupa jemput tauuu

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