Tuesday, December 19, 2017



I woke up at 2 am in the morning. Suddenly.
Had nightmare.
It has been long since last I got nightmare.
Not the type being chased by a murderer, a serial killer or a ghost, but rather running away from problem!

This, has been the nightmare.

I woke up with heavy heart and headache.
Has I been running away from my problem?

There was a whale in that river, weird as it is ain't it?
The mission is to return the whale into the sea, but hell no, he's big! How to?
Then there were 2-3 old man who forced me to return the whale.
Out of being scared, I tried once, but somehow the whale slipped off of my hand and there it was still swimming in that goddamn lake urggghhh

Guess what I did? I tried to run away.
I can't hold it anymore!
I can't move the whale.
And I'm afraid of that old guys.

I ran and hid under the table or something. Those old guys were after me with furious face.
Then something came up in my mind that time:
"For how long Lyana, you're gonna hiding under there. Wouldn't it be good if you move the whale and get yourself away from those old guys after you done your mission pridefully?"

I was dumbfounded by own thought!

Then like I was having second chance, I climbed out of anywhere I was hiding that time, and like time turning back to the point where I was about to run, and one of the old guys pulled my hand and I was dragged into the river back and there it was: That goddamn whale still swimming like nobody business...urghhhh!
And that in my thought, by hook or by crook I'm gonna move you to the sea even it sound impossible and get myself away from this scary old guys!

Then, I woke up.
My body ached. 

Took me a lil bit sometime to fall asleep back.
Then, I had this thought to myself that, 
Lyana, see how Allah wanna show you that you can't run away from your problem. Face it even it's hard. He knows you're gonna succeed, and walk away from it pridefully. I settled my problem! I survived! That kind of satisfaction feeling.
And......I don't know what that old guys are in my reality, perhaps emmm...ppl around me? Don't know.

Then, I tried to ponder a bit, what kind of my problem that I face and trying to run away,,,
Perhaps I have it perhaps I forgot already haha

And that evening, received a text from Salma
With a screenshot
Kim Jonghyun was found dead

Shocked with the news

What most heartbroken was:
He died of suicide out of depression

My hear ached.
Feel like wanna cry coz it squeezed my heart hard to heard someone died of suicide out of depression.
I was like, I wish I was there to stop him.
I wish he found someone that can stop him.
I wish.
But God wished differently.

And suddenly I remembered my dream that night.
The uneasy feeling turned out to be this news.

I told Aimi about this news
She also as break as me
Due to the reason of his death
Even though we're not Shawols, the feeling also hard and stuck

We talked a lot on this previously
Since Chester death
It was sad

"Suicide didn't end the pain, rather it just transferring the pain to the person who lives after"
- Anonymous

She told me that depression chose ppl
Don't let it swallow you
Don't let it conquer you

Talk out to someone
We do have ppl who loves us and ppl that always wish us always be happy and healthy.

"I just want someone to say that I did worked hard"

You've worked hard
What a pleasant and warm wish.
Filling in heart and lifting tiring day

So I learned that, appreciate ppl around you
Don't pressure or downgraded them
Say it's okay for everything they've done
If not good enough, say "You've done well" and some improvement advice
If they did good, say "Wow, you did great. Keep it up." with sincere smile.

This little things, if you put on practice on me, I'm gonna love you really hard coz I really need this in my life hahah!

Spread Love.
Everyone need this.
Littlest act that filling someone else's heart.

And do remember, Allah won't burden you to the things that unbearable by you. 
Allah loves us. 
When He tested us, coz He misses us, He wanna gives you Pahala, wanna see you at night crying and telling Him how was your day went, out of love.
It does hurt. Won't lie to you.
But, after it passed, feeling like on the Cloud Nine!

Reach out to ppl, don't succumb into it.
Don't distant yourself coz it will swallow you.
Don't blame yourself coz you're gonna let it win.

Please fight!
I wish I could be there.
Rest, take a break for a while coz you need it.
Be sad coz it is nature.
Then, rise yourself back.
There won't be rainbow without rain unless you created it lol.

And remember, This too shall pass.
Shall pass.
Daijobou :')

Love you awesome people.
Keep fighting!
Wish me all the best too :')

P/s: Also totally dumbfounded when heard the news on a student killed him/herself (don't remember the gender) after scolded by his/her father for not getting all A's
And to put more fire: he/she got 8A's and 1B!!!!!


It turned out, it is not as easy as this
It is a mental illness
They seek for medication and expert
It's an illness
It could be hidden
Hidden behind those beautiful smile and laughter

Seriously, I don't know how to reach to you

If you're depressed, go seek for help
Please do have second thought to not doing something that detrimental
You're precious
This...This too shall pass
I'm sorry
I really don't know how to help

Don't wanna make this worse
I could be a place for you to pour everything in
I'll try
I wish I could be of any help

Coz you're precious
You do matter
You're not wrong
That's nobody's fault

Loose yourself a bit
Free yourself
Go see nature
Scream to the sea
To the mountain
Let your voice echo

I'm sorry
I wish I could be of any help.
I wish I could be.

I'll try.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mr Right??


Okay, here it goes.
Not a dedication.
Nor an appreciation.
Let say, way to say goodbye? muehehehe

This whole post is especially for you
My ex-crush *koff koff

Actually I once decided to confess muahahahahahahaahah
So crayzehhhhhhhhhh
Yeah, decided to
But didn't happened coz I waited too long and that feeling stuff somehow faded *leulzz
This whole damn confession thingy got my nerve like urgghhhh

To intro,
I'm a type of person that perhaps I don't know what I should call myself but I always want to find the reason why behind everything I do
Like this whole thingy having crush was also the same
I asked myself why should I have crush on you
If it groundless and baseless so babai la
But, yeah it didn't work the same for you
So, that's mean that perhaps you have that something I found quite reliable for me to hold on to that 
Get me? ufufufu

Never have I ever dream of having crush on you
For the better me, I always avoided myself from this ****
Coz it disturbing!
And a big problem for me!

So, who is this guy?
Simply put, he has those parts of my list-of-the-things-I-want-my-future-husband-to-have lollllllll
With all those things I listed as a qualification muahahah, he fitted few but still hoho
However, he didn't fitted my most important qualification muahahahah
(Skehati je ihikihik)
Perhaps that's the reason why I've to let this go~

This is so childish hahahah!!!
I laughed at myself so much
The anticipated feeling of wanted to see you everyday, perhaps passing by you, wanted to be notified by you, wanted to have even short conversation with you, wanted to (yucks) have even a split second eye contact with you, or even 'liked' (tweet) by you 

Yeah, this was me back then.
Laugh as you want.
But I know you guys the same too when you have crush (es) perhaps

He is a bright guy, active, so down to earth but somehow he always get acknowledge without he realizing it.
Don't know much about him.

I reached the end of this post.

Special dedication for my bestie for listening me out whenever I talked about him to you.
Even supported me when I decided to confess haha lol.
And pray for me to let go of this thingy :)


Dear My ex-crush,
It's a good thing to know you.
It's a good thing to be inspired by you.
Hope you have brighter future ahead, excel in everything you do, get rich haha, get married to a very decent lady, save the earth and all the good wishes that human races ever wish.

Thanks for all those beautiful memories.

P/s: Decided to share here anyway ufufufu

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Appreciation Post~~


Alhamdulillah sis dah selesai konvo like 6 days ago haha
Lepas habis konvo letihnya hanya Tuhan yang tahu
Buat apa je sampai letih camtu haha
Lenguh satu badan
Esoknya tu pon layuuuu je
Lusanya pon
Masak pon malas haha
Selain daripada kena siapkan proposal *koff koff*

Appreciation post
Takdela gaduh sangat nak buat sebab tengok orang lain buat
Tapi memang penghargaan tu kepada Allah dan kepada mereka mereka yang tidak terhingga
Mana ada kejayaan yang dicapai tu dengan usaha sendiri semata
No no
Paling tidak pasti berkat doa ibu bapa
Hey kita kan hamba, pertolongan dari Allah jangan lupa ya haa
Dah berjaya takabbur ni mintak jauh fuhh fuhh

So, firstly nak bomb dengan gambar can ah ufufufu

My family. Missing in the picture, Tsaqif, Husna and baby ohohoho

Hey, without these amazing human being, I wont't be able to graduate huhu.
Received lots lots tonnes of support from these lovelies. 
Still remember the day I decided to further in Biotechnology (mianhae Papa huhu)
The day they sent me to IIUM Kuantan
The day I talked and babbling on how hard this course was (lol haha)
The day I asked them to pray for me for every single examination and viva
The day I wasn't always at home because of the workloads and yet you guys come to see me sobs
The day I told Mama about my dreams after graduation
Yes, all those days
In kokoro :')

Here, I would like to say to my dearest baby brother, hey one day your day will come okay.
The day you're gonna hold your scroll like you did for mine.
I still remember you wanna hold it and was like "I wanna hold this"
Okay, hold it!
Let it be your spirit-burning to study well and excel!
I know you could!

Made with love from Mama, Papa and Kakak

Kisahnya, aku tak malu pegi update status WS nak bunga matahari dan coklat hahahahah
And alhamdulillah dapat biarla cair pon coklat tu haha 
Memula mama and kakak da beli, lepas tu papa tambah lagi haha
Kata Liza, korang ada same vibe la huhuu
Terharu teroksss T_T

My Parents. My Life. My heartbeats. 

Sebab rasa gambar dengan Kakak lawa XD

Kakak pon selalu jadi mangsa tempat aku membebel hoho
Ingat lagi waktu aku kata tak sedia nak balik asrama utk hadap 4th year, padahal da sampai Kuantan waktu tu
Kakak belanja Secret Recipe ohoho
Lepas tu baru cam ala ala lega sket
Sebab rasa dia salur kekuatan dia melalui tu ufufufu
Tenkiu Kakak :')

Punya la gigih nak amek gambar studio, and sebab Papa Mama da taklarat nak balik awal, punya rush habis je majlis lari pegi tempat yg kakak cakap.
First customer yo! hohohoh

Alhamdulillah even tak full house. 
 Hari tu touching cakap kat Kakak, Ingatkan aku jadi anak tunggal da nanti konvo korang adik beradik takleh mai hahah...tengok2 ada la kakak and adik mai mihmihmih

Over betul sis badan senget camni. Orang tu suruh kayy. Rasa hmmm pulak

Cinta hati yang lain pon datang memeriahkan lagi 

With Azye - budak yg selalu happy Like I don't Give a Damn hahhaha

Roomate waktu CFS dongsaeng yg supportive and cool

With Syifa' Hatta



Buat surprise ramai ramai hoho...tu teddy bear (named as Bobo sempena orang tu muahahaha) and sunflowers!!! (Tapi sayang da layu sobsss,,,tengah keringkan nanti buat penanda buku mihmih)

With Bobo - sweet baby muehehe
And this! My maked-up version of face thanks to Ina Ramli who did an amazing job.  
She did 'em like 5-10 minutes tops!
While I'm wearing my robe in hurry cause I'm already tooooo late hahahahah
Pulak tu, sesat taktahu entrance
Mintak tolong Ina hantarkan
Dengan mortar board ada pada Liza. Gelabah biawak jugak la
Dengan taktahu muka keadaannya macam mana

Waktu beratur nak amek scroll tu, ada cermin besar sebelum masuk utk last touch up
I nearly shouted sebab takkenal rupa sendiri haha
Padahal Ina buat simple je
Tapi sebab takpernah nampak rupa make-up diri sendiri macam mana hoho
Thanks INA!!!
You just saved my pics on my convo day hoho

Ni haa baru prasan takde gambar dengan Ina. Musykil ni takde. Rasa ada amek gambar dengan dia huhu,,
Sedih gambar tukang make-up takde hukhuk

Sol and Bai - parts of SAMIDU

Kakak kata Jom bergambar dengan ex-Al Amin Kemaman hoho

Mommy Afif hoho,,tengss for the flowers Afif (muka before mekap lol hahah)

And gambar dengan soulmates takde sedihhhh huaaaaa
Ada dengan Salma je.

Terharu Salma gigih cari huaaaaa. Tenkiu. Ni laa antara yg dapat Rector's list ufufuf, congrats dear. And yg banyak layan aku punya perangai buruk. Rasa dia lagi kakak dari aku hahah

Inani and Sarah

Liza and Salma

Nad, Inani, Salma and their roomates 6 months preggy Hasanah heheh
Alhamdulillah ada seketul dengan Haza hoho

And these awesome fellas of 131iotechies

Macam sama je kan semua hahaha tak tak tengok face expression lelain tu ohohoho
The very last I guess uhuk sobss

Hey amazing fellas, Thank you for brighten my life up
This, this is all memories to be kept deep inside heart
Thanks for being part of my life and let me be in yours too :')

So, that's a wrap.
Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah
Kepada Allah semua kebahagiaan ini
Moga Allah berkati anugerah ini
Moga Allah beri kekuatan untuk teruskan Master (inshaAllah)~

My dreams?
I've lots.
This is just a beginning. :)

P/s: Ohh and I would like to make a dedication for my ex-crush? hahahah...but hmm lemme think back if I should muahahahah

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Yah! Oh Hey There!



Yah of course been 4 months since last I posted 'things' here udududu

Less read less things happened (actually yesss there were few things happened lol just been too lazy to update no motivation and all stuff lulzzz)

Hey finally the day to Convocation just a week to go
Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal

A fan of BTS (haha lol jangan kecam)
A Research Assistant (just started)
Struggling to survive day to day
Trying to become a better useful kind of person
Managing life

So-so saja

Lots of tings happened during my incubation (lol) time
I decided my life to become this way

I decided to become a fan of BTS after listening to song "So Far Away" and decided to joined the fandom (no no I'm not encouraging you but if you wanna listen to the song go ahead at your own risk perhaps BTS will earn new fan hahahah)

The day I had forgotten about my dream, I came across this song
Yeah yeah I know all those this is K-Pop song girl like 'you' should not listening to this genre but yeah don't mind my life mind yours

The thing is that,
Right after I listened to the song, somehow I kinda feel this alive feeling that hey Lyana what's your dream. You had few right? Where are they all gone? Do you still have them?

Before that, my Mama told me "Bukan ke hari tu bagitau mama nak jadi RA and lepas tu sambung master?"
Oh mama!! Yeah you're right. I forgot about what I told you the other day.
Thank you T_T

Then I started to search for master study.
But the topic and the fees stalled me.

Then after I listened to this song, I kinda telling myself, why don't you try. It's your dream after all. Give it a shot.

Then, went for IV with Liza all the way to UPM with the help of Syaz then got accepted Alhamdulillah :)

Even at the 1st place, Papa kinda disagreeing with me. But me being headstrong haha "I wanna do this" I decided what I wanna do with my life and take the risk. Please just bless me.

I even grew few pimples on my forehead (I mean the obvious one though) just because I was so stresses out how I'm gonna tell him I got accepted! hahaha
He worried bout the fees and my life expenses actually. Ya, me too Papa.
Then I told him I'll got pay. He said OK!
Hihihih Alhamdulillah :)

A week before my parents send me off to UPM, they showed this emotional moment hoho yeah I know they're sad. Their daughter is gonna be far away from them.
Don't worry Ma & Pa, Allah protects me well :)

And now here I am!
May Allah bless my journey
May Allah always torch me the way hoyeahh

And life here?
Stayed in rented room with Liza with RM127/month with other 11 renters
Cook everyday to keep on low budget
Liza drive JBT a.k.a. Jebat to UPM
Shared mostly everything
Living economically
Still surviving
Still learning
Still working on project proposal haha
Yeah and still a fan of BTS hahahahahaahahah

Yummy head Cooky. A cookies but hate milk. Make me wanna dunk him more in milk hahah. Copyrighted gifs from BT21

P/s: Don't ask me when I'm going to get married. When the time come, it'll come. Don't push it haha.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Image result for road to graduation

This will be special.
Made for someone special. ;)

Oh, btw jangan perasan sangat.
Memang nak share pon haha

Ye, ye memang triggered nak tulis malam ni sebab awak Cik Tasneem ;)

Image result for plan after graduation

Apa perancangan masa depan?
Perkongsian pertama pagi tadi.
Semua yg bakal graduate menceritakan perancangan masing masing
Hidup, where to settle down, tarbiyyah, family
Dalam masa yg singkat lepas Subuh
Dalam bertelekung haha (best moment ever for girls kah3)

I won't share mine here.
Please stop for a while and think or just talk to yourself what'll you do after graduating.
It's okay anything, it's your life and timeline

Oh sebelum tu, malam sebelum tidur tu, ada perkongsian dari Kak Rif
Bekalan AlQur'an

Image result for alquran
Jangan biarkan AlQur'an kita sunyi tidak dibaca :(

Perkongsian mengenai kepentingan tadabbur
 Tadabbur tu menzahirkan rasa kemewahan jiwa
Ever feels like macam dapat satu knowledge yg "Paap" macam revelation something
Takreti nak cerita tapi begitulah indahnya tadabbur

Utk bulan Ramadhan ni, kita selalu diingatkan dengan ayat "La'allakum tattaquun"
And one of the ways is thru reading Qur'an and tadabbur

Ada banyak natijah tadabbur
To listed few (sebab yg lain terlepas point lelzzz):

➤ Sedar kuasa Allah melalui makhluk ciptaanNya
➤ Belajar dari kesilapan orang terdahulu dan ambil iktibar daripadanya
➤ Mengetahui sejarah orang terdahulu dan azab yg menimpa mereka
➤ Tahu perkara ghaib seperti sorga neraka, pahala dosa
➤ Tahu hakikat hidup dan tujuan dihidupkan
➤ Mengamati kebesaran Allah melalui AlQur'an
➤ Mengambil faedah daripada Qur'an dan mengamalkannya
➤ Sebagai tanda keimanan 

Dan akhirnya Kak Rif ada jugak kongsi langkah utk bertadabbur:

1. Pelajari bahasa Arab (Sobss lama dah tinggai)
2. Mengulang bacaan Qur'an yg lekat di hati (biasanya ayat favourite yg moved you)
3. Baca Qur'an dgan baik
4. Amalkan ajaran Qur'an

Then, we proceeded with lots lots of perkongsian

So, firstly,
Halatuju IKRAM by Dr Hadzri

Image result for IKRAM

Dalam slide beliau, ditekankan mengenai Visi & Misi IKRAM sendiri so that kitorang akan jelas dengan kenapa kena still follow usrah and program wasail lain.
Dan aku jugak declare pada diri untuk take note dengan serious 12 ciri Negara Rahmah huhuu
Sebelum ni sambil lewa je huhu
Dan waktu tu aku sedar yg murninya niat IKRAM ni 
Kenapa sanggup puluhan tahun takkenal penat dan leleah huhuu

Kita juga ada matlamat
"Memacu Perubahan Masyarakat & Negara"

Dan perkataan memacu tu lebih kurang maksudnya maju ke hadapan dengan laju!

Dan tertarik juga dengan PERINTIS
Mengumpulkan para saintis dan membuat kajian saintifik dan publish paper!
Menarik, kena cari ni!

Dan diperingatkan mengenai peranan diri:
- persiapan
- pembinaan diri
- bakat kepimpinan
- teruskan menyumbang

Perancangan Kewangan by Ukhti Muna Majidah 
(my senior SMIAAK hehe nak mention jugak)

Image result for perancangan kewangan

Ni slot paling best hahahahaha
Sebabnya memang aku ni sangat lemah pengurusan kewangan sekarang dan masa depan

Pendapatan terbahagi 2 - aktif dan pasif
Aktif tu duit gaji yg kita kerja, pasif tu macam saham, labur

Perbelanjaan pon terbahagi 2 -  tetap dan budi bicara
Tetap tu yg wajib settle dulu once dapat gaji dan budi bicara tu macam kemahuan la

Dan kita juga kena jelas ke arah mana duit kita terbang.
Salin, take note dan keep track, jangan hujung bulan lesap mana kita taktahu

1. Tuntutan fardhu - haji, zakat, hutang
2. Tanggungjawab diri & keluarga - nafkah
3. Tanggungjawab sosial - derma
4. Santai, hiburan

Formula kekayaan:
Duit masuk - simpanan (suggested 20%) = belanja

And she did mentioned kadang orang silap, dapat duit, belanja puas puas lepas tu baru simpan. So silapnya mentality tu,,

Cadangan pecahan 20% simpanan
10% - takaful
5% - tabung kecemasan/ tabung haji
5% - pelaburan (suggested unit TRUST with pulangan 10%/year)

Matlamat kewangan:
Short term - 3 years/ sebulan
Mid term - 3-5 tahun
Long term - 5 years or more
And she suggested kalau mid and long term tu, labur kat unit TRUST sebab ada pulangan

Dan yg penting, cuba sedaya upaya mungkin ELAKKAN BERHUTANG!

For more information, bolehla kontek kakak ni ;)
Muna Majidah Zameran +6012-928 2677
She's a consultant from Hijrah Wealth Management.

Dan yang penting, kita merancang kewangan ini adalah salah satu bentuk ibadah dan sebaiknya plan sekali untuk akaun 'akhirat' kita ;)

Then proceed dengan PEKA from Ibu Aisyah

Image result for keluarga bahagia

PEKA tu Pemantapan & Kesejahteraan Ahli IKRAM
Terbahagi 3 unit:
- Kesejahteraan ahli
- Unit Temu Jodoh (Baitul Muslim)
- Ibu Tunggal

Ibu banyak share tips mencari pasangan
Tapi sikit je termampu salin huhuuu

- Berhati hati memilih pasangan
- Terima seadanya
- Take note tanggungjawab memasing
- Tolerance (super penting!)
- Jadikan syurga tu matlamat
- Hubungan yg terkuat ialah dengan Allah
- Tingkatkan kesabaran diri (pasangan kita bukan malaikat even dia follow usrah pon!)

Ini la sikit.
Apa apa hal, all de best kembara mencari the better half ;)

Kak Jannah punya slot pulak tentang Hidayah Center 

Image result for hidayah centre

Sambil sambil Kak Jannah promote mohon sumbangan utk Tajaan Buka Puasa Muallaf :)

HC ni duk under JK Dakwah
Dan menfokuskan kepada non-muslim dan juga atheis atau pon Muslim yg dah taktahu aroh dah kenapa dia masih Islam

Dengan mereka ni, kita kena cuba membina hubungan yg baik jangan memusuhi ataupon prejudis bukan bukan yep!

Dan targetnya 80% Muslim di Malaysia yg mana sekarang ni Muslim dgan non-Muslim lebih kurang separuh separuh percentage nya. huuu

And lastly,
Forum Perkongsian by Kak Hanim & Kak Sarah

Image result for forum

Dorang banyak tekankan mengenai keberlangsungan tarbiyyah, realiti alam pekerjaan dan keluarga.

Utk tarbiyyah, cabarannya of course tak sama dengan waktu belajar.
Dengan ujian kerjanya, kat tempat kerja, keluarga, wang, kawan kawan gitula
Tapi!!!! Apa apa hal pon, yang penting wajibkan diri pegi USRAH
Sebab apa?
Sebabnya inilah support system yg paling kita perlukan lepas penat lelah bekerja dan berhadapan dengan dunia
Untuk recharge!
Program wasail lain, usahakan utk pergi.
Be proactive!
Jangan duk tunggu je orang panggil.
Pastikan ada usrah!
And if dah tinggal lama pon atas sebab tertentu, jangan pernah rasa MALU untuk join semula.
Akhawat sentiasa faham dan menerima :') 
Mind setting juga penting.
Jangan expect SAMA macam degree life kayhhh
Terima seadanya dan kalau perlu penambahbaikan diluahkan jangan merajuk dan left!

Dan Kak Hanim ada share Al-A'raf ayat 175 - 176
Sentap sangat huhuuuu
Diceritakn mengenai orang yg ingin berlepas diri dari tarbiyyah yg mana syaitan akan terus menangkap orang ni dan larutkan dia na'uzubillah T_T

Dan juga tarbiyyah ini satu anugerah
Kita kalau lepas dapat hadiah, kita pulangkan semula ke?
Ke buang?

Dan untuk kehidupan lepas tu, kerja, keluarga sendiri, mertua, dengan pasangan cuba balance kan sebaik mungkin
Ujian tu tak lekang tapi cuba buat yg terbaik.

Banyak life lesson dari kakak berdua tu huuu
Kalau kena kutuk, jangan melatah cepat sangat
Keep showing good qudwah 
Keep being good and do da'wah
Belajar interaksi dengan non-Muslim sebab kat tempat kerja nanti bukan semua Muslim ya
Cuba hadamkan buku sebelum sibuk dengan kerja huhuuu
Jaga amanah di tempat kerja. Kerja bebetul jangan ngelat sebab takmo rezeki takdiberkati

Dan ingat juga
Ijazah kita ini demi risalah!
Jangan tinggal tanggungjawab utama kita ini
Allahu T_T

And that's a wrap~~~
Sedih sebab da last
Tapi masih okay sebab inshaAllah kalau program nasional boleh jumpa hiksss

Gambar wajib ada kayhh heheh

Yang dirindu
Yang dicinta
Sentiasa dalam doa
Walau bukan di depan mata
Walau tidak mampu didakap
Walau terpisah beribu batu
Semoga berjumpa lagi :)
Jika bukan di sini, di 'sana' nanti inshaAllah :')


Image result for all the best for your life
All the best loves :*

P/s: Sepatutnya sudahkan semalam tapi tetiba hmmm takpelah hahahahaha

Monday, June 5, 2017

Nasi dan Kehidupan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sebelum ni share tips masak beras sampai jadi nasi
Ni nak share plak tentang nasi

Smalam tengok 1 video PETRONAS tentang Hari Keaamatan & Hari Gawai

I was moved by the video honestly :')
The part when the Aki said, 
Oh taknak spoil, tekan link tu tengok sendiri ;)

Kita pergi je dapur da siap Ayah Bapak Papa Baba Abi Walid Daddy or whoever it is your breadwinner in your family, belikan beras utk dimasak
Lagi mudah, basuh basuh je beras, masukkan dalam rice cooker, tekan cooking, ting next thing you know da siap masak and ready to be eaten.
Mudah kan.

Dan kemudahan ni kadang kadang buat kita lupa 
Nikmatnya sebutir nasi itu

Kat video tu nanti lagi sedih tau
Aki dia ada cakap tu,,tengoklah takrugi :)

As for my family, Papa been sensitive to pembaziran nasi even to sebutir nasi yg jatuh luar pinggan/ dulang makan kami
Oh yeah, kami makan dalam dulang like I mentioned before sebab Papa suka makan dlam dulang sejak balik dari haji itu hari. Katanya ni sunnah Nabi :)

I still remember when I was a kid, ada nasi tumpah atas meja, Papa asked me to pick it up and eat it.
Not a single grain of rice left in our pinggan/ dulang.
Kalau takhabis makan, jangan harap dapat bangun.
Dulu aku ingat Papa jahat hahahahahahaha sebab paksa habiskan makanan, tapi nilai makanan tu kita takkan tahu selagi mana kita TAK GUNA DUIT SENDIRI,,,kan??
Da besar sikit tu baru aku faham

Dan kadang kadang ada kawan aku yg "Shaidatul lapar sangat ke?"
I was like, Papa taksuka aku membazir.
I'll finish whatever in my plate (except bawang hahaha & tulang ayam la of course kan) and sometimes others plate also 
Because it was soooo heartbreaking to see the leftover 
It just deeply hurt my feeling
The food! Pity'em. They were made for us to eat, but we couldn't finish it.

Yeah, right.
Da takhabis nak buat macam mana?
Then, you should know your portion.
Kawan pernah ajar aku dulu sebelum beli atau ambik makanan, baca doa dulu, inshaAllah nanti takrasa lapar sangat and akan amek seadanya sepadan dengan rasa lapar waktu tu.

Ada kawan kata aku "tong sampah". No, no, bukan sebab aku busuk lol, tapi sebab kalau dorang takhabis, hulur kat aku.
I was happy if I can habiskan tapi kalau da kenyang sangat, takleh gi gokk.
Oh and my friend once told me, our stomach is elastic and can fit anything inside. But it won't be the same after that haha.
Sebab tu kot aku gemuk kah3.

I don't care if you said "Shai lapar ke?" with tone like lpar budak ni kesian, & "Tong Sampah" as long as takde pembaziran.

Satu lagi sebab sedih dengan orang lain yg takde makanan nak makan.
Jumlah pembaziran makanan oleh rakyat Malaysia sangat menggerunkan.
It does makes me sad. kalau pandai tukar ke fuel energy takpe gak. K k tu isu lain.

I still remember there was a post shared on Germany Police who fined the one who left food on their plate.
Lebih kurang ayatnya, this food source cooked for you to eat, if you waste this, you wasted food source something, which can be meant for somebody else.

Satu lagi, kalau nak rasa betul betul menghargai makanan tu, cuba tengok muka Ayah Bapak Papa Baba Abi Walid Daddy or whoever it is your breadwinner in your family, lepas balik keje. 
The restless face hopefully will turn you on to start appreciate food and not wasting it.

Image result for bazar ramadhan bazir ramadhan
This is sad. Ramadhan should teach you to be a more better person.

A friend once told me not to buy food when I'm hungry.
Haha tapi Ramadhan cane?
Macam ajar tadi, baca doa makan, istighfar and set your mind right hari tu nak makan apa?
Cukuplah satu meal berat, kuih RM1 ke, dan air secawan. Done!
If buying for family, tahu dulu berapa jumlah orang akan makan kat rumah and portion mereka.
Kalau jenis takmakan banyak, lagi jimat, beli sekadarnya. Kuih RM3 ke paling2, meal berat dan air seplastik.
Agak agak sendiri la portion ye.

Satu lagi, boleh juga fikirkan nasib mereka yg miskin susah nak beli makanan, ataupon mereka yg sedang berhadapan dengan perang yg memang limited food source.
Apakata dari bazir duit ke makanan yg sangat banyak yg memang konfem takkan habis tu, baik la derma ke tabung tabung kemanusiaan ke, kat rumah anak yatim ke,,,tak pasal pasal dapat pahala gitteeewww...


"Dan sungguh, telah Kami berikan hikmah kepada Lukman iaitu, "Bersyukurlah kepada Allah! Dan barang siapa bersyukur (kepada Allah), maka sesungguhnya dia bersyukur untuk dirinya sendiri; dan barang siapa tidak bersyukur (kufur), maka sesungguhnya Allah MahaKaya, MahaTerpuji (Luqman, 31:12, 412)

P/s: Ingat lagi tak iklan yg "Sebutir beras ibarat setitik peluh petani"?? That one also huhuuuu

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Aku dan Beras

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Salam Ramadhan.
Sedar tak sedar dah 10 Ramadhan
Sebanyak mana dah amal?

Tajuk kali ni Aku dan Beras

Image result for beras

Takingat pernah bagitahu sini ke tak yg aku suka sangat dengan pemandangan sawah padi
Menghijau, menguning, luas, cantik, kemas

Oh rupanya baru tahu kat Tanjung Karang ada sawah padi kah3
So, bole la eh nanti nak photo shoot gambar konvo kat sawah padi tanpa perlu pergi ke Kedah ngeh3

Kecintaan kepada sawah padi itu tidak berlanjut kepada kecintaan kepada beras seterusnya nasi
Walaupon nasi tu makanan ruji aku
Emm takcinta tu bukan sebab apa, tapi selalu kalau masak beras utk jadi nasi tu akan ada saja masalahnya
Keras sangatlah, keringlah, terlebih airlah. pernah juga takmasak sebab lupa tekan "cook" lol

Aku lupa yang sepanjang aku hidup ni ada la beberapa insan yg mengajar aku cara memasak beras sampai jadi nasi yang disukai mulut, gigi dan perut haaa gitteeeww

Waktu basuh beras tu, kalau ada beras yg terapung, maksudnya dah rosak.
So, waktu basuh tu, buang skali dengan air.
Mula mula takcaya gak, tapi kalau tengok dekat beras yg terapung tu, memang nampak takelok seperti bekas gigit dengan kutu beras
Ataupon nampak macam hitam hitam gitu, lompong,,
Yg ni diajar waktu PERNAS dulu oleh Tn Azlan (eh namanya?)
Aku takut dengan dia ni sebab nampak garang tapi baik sebenarnya hahahaha

Nak agak sukatan air? 
Sukatan air tu, always 2x tinggi beras yg nak dimasak
I tried and yes! Wallaaaaa
Maka tiada lagi episode nasi kering atau keras
Tapi janagn lelebih sangat nanti lembik sangat takbest jugak
Yg ni diajar oleh penjaga Kem PLKN Cherating waktu Mukhayyam 01 itu hari.
Lepas tu pon ada Kak Aliya sebut waktu Mukhayyam 02.
I was like oh memang cemgini eh caranya haha lol

Waktu masak kalau taknak air menjejeh keluar dari periuk, jangan tutup periuk nasi rapat rapat
Kalau air menjejeh nanti kering pulak nasik
Ni mama yg ajar hehehe
Tapi aku jarang ikut sebab malas nanti nak pegi tutup kalau dah masak
Sebabnya kalau lambat tutup pon nanti kering jugak kah3
Ni akan buat kalau tengah ada kat dapur haa bolehla

That's all.
Ada tips lain?
Bole la kongsi kat ruangan komen
Kah! Bajet ramai ornag baca. lol.
k k raklu pape roger.

P/s: Lepas tu waktu makan, makan dalam dulang. Jimat masa I membasuh kat sinki tu ufufufu

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Things that I Regretted


Being a Muslim, we are not encourage to feel regret what had past
Even being a normal human
NO, regret is something foolish to be done
Cause we know by heart we couldn't turn back time and do what we think we must've done back then

Just a sharing on what I regret not doing haha
Cause it keep pestering me if I'm not post it here hahaha

1. Continue pursuing Taekwondo

Image result for taekwondo wtf

No, not because Taekwondo originated from Korea
It's because I miss the healthy me back then when I'm still joining this sport
I still remember I missed my supposed-first tournament when I was Form 4 due to H1N1 and I'd been quarantined the whole week!! T_T
I was so so so very upset and even called my Sir whether I've to join or not
I told him I want to but he said, You're quarantine and get healthy tskkkkkkk 
Super saddddd T_T

And I told myself, I could try next year
However, my Mama  told me to rest for a year for my SPM
So I followed her advice
Don't asked me how's the result haha

Seriously I missed those damn days when I'm sweating and feels super duper healthy and youth!

And when I accepted to CFS, I was like, it's nearly 2 years without Taekwondo
But, that time I have really bad self confidence issue that caused me to not take the class
And even looks at their training with jealousy
I don't why 
Seriously don't asked me why

And people like, Seriously Shai ada black belt?
Yeah, 1st Dan and I would love to continue to 2nd, 3rd huuu
But I feel so damn fat and left behind and not fit anymore tskk sobss
A friend of mine once asked "Shai kenapa taknak sambung?"
"Ehe dah lama tinggal."
"Sayangnya hehe"
I know how's it feels like
Now, nearly 8 years without training
And remembered those hard days to get this black belt
And money spent huuuu $$$$

Who knows I could enter my 1st tournament and even go for International tournament 
Well who knows

And then I saw this pwetty woman from Turkey being so pwetty as a hijabi and she's a Taekwondo instructor woahhh
Really amazed

And I seldom practice on my own the Tae Geuk
But still don't have the urge to practice'em weekly like my Sir always told us to
But still whenever met my Sir he still got the proud-eyes looking at me (caused I'm one of the 1st batch who manage to get Black Belt within 3 years time)
Love you Sir, May Allah bless you always <3

2. Joining Kelana Siswa

Image result for kelana siswa

I really love so damn much outdoor activities
I really enjoy getting exposed to sunlight and get in touch with grass and being wild on the field
My 1st year here in IIUM, there were lots of booth opened for registration
I went to the table and there was a sister introducing to us this society
I love how she explained the activities and stuff
But, there I still left with this bad self confidence and still compromised myself to join the society
The uniform also one of my concern cause it wasn't that long huuu
And also that time I think I was still syadid haha
The uniform still long below the buttocks and I don't know whether it was a big issue or not haha
Cause everyone will be wearing the same
And I was once wore that kind of long uniform, My Taekwondo uniform!
It was that long too and I survived wearing them at school even! Hahaha silly me padan muka
As I watched my friends went here and there under this society, God I missed outdoor activities so damn much uhukkk tskkkk
Seeing their pictures went for hiking to lots of mountain just make me cry of jealousy hahahha

Besides, I don't have this skill of socializing with people I wasn't used too
I'm too afraid but you know, you'll eventually meet new person everyday! Hahaha

Just, Love Outdoor Activities!

3. Learning more languages

Image result for language class

Languages, the beauty of a culture
I did survived my Japanese I language class and did not continue the Japanese II
Cause time constrain lol
I figured IIUM opened lots of language classes other than Japanese class, such as French, Hangul, Mandarin, Arabic classes
I was intended to attend Arabic class cause I missed Arabic classes so much
The feeling of reading Quran wihile knowing the meaning is kinda like a moment sent from Heaven!
I missed those days when I learn Arabic back in school and CFS
Arabic is just too beautiful, the language it is

As for Mandarin, cause we live with Chinese and Indian also
Knowing others language and who knows in the future I can have a chat with my Chinese neighbor (taman sebelah ehe)
And to see their happy face when I try to speak Chinese hoho
But yeah missed that too
Juggling with too many things in a semester caused me to unable to even look at this additional knowledge sad isn't it

And also as for Japanese, one day I would like to visit Japan and I wouldn't want it too be just Kawaii, Arigatou, Gomenasai, Konichiwa and etc that normal conversation ehe

4. Track

Image result for track

Zubaidah once said, one a runner, always a runner
Like I said before, I love sweating
Cause it makes me feel healthy and youth
The reason is that I don't know how to participate when I was in CFS haha (do we have Track game during that time?haha)
And when in Kuantan, I already become too embarrassed to join cause I'm not use to having Bros at the side of the line even as judges huuu
It was just too 
OMG haha 
You know when you run and everything on you will shake OMG I don't believe I said this huhuu

I was like, I don't want Bros to see I'm shaking everything while I'm running
Cause it just too inappropriate huuuu

There was one time when I run and the bros are there as judges I was like I thought there'll be no bros
Oh god
This is just too huaaaaaa
And I took the route where bros unlikely to see I'm shaking huuu
But still they were there huuuuu

Ahhhhh that pretty much everything haha
Maybe there's more haha

This list maybe maybe maybe some of them I still can pursue even after graduating degree life
It just need self confidence, time, money and determination

This might be just my excuses of the things I regretted 

Just too afraid to try meeting and do something new
Guess I was also lack of motivation and determination even to pursue the things I love the most

And also I don't pretty much like socializing but I love outdoor activities haha
Maybe I'm ambivert? Haha (still don't recognize myself sighhh)

That's all :)

I bet maybe sometime in the future I'll be pursuing something different or new

Image result for outdoor activities quotes
Shall we? Ehe

Get in touch with nature
Listening to the symphony of the forest
Witnessing the beauty of the mountains
God, there're just too much to see :)

P/s: sampai sudah tak pegi caving huuu sobss. Da nak grad ni takde yang nak teman ke sobss