Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some People Are Jerks


So I started this topic with bad word hmmm
Can't find any better word to describe tho

Kenapa selalu kaitkan perangai buruk seseorang dengan keturunan dia? Atau bangsa? Kadang kadang dengan agama dia? Kat mana dia sekolah?
Perlu ke?
Generalizing people like that
Why must one bad guy/lady did bad thing, and associated him/her with, for example his/her race? His/her gender? Or any group he/she is in.
I think this is sick.

And people should stop doing this.
I mean, for the bad deed that a guy/ lady did, it was his/her fault.
And they'll accounted for that.
Please stop saying "Guys/ Ladies are always like that" or "He/ She must be Asian" or something similar.
It just, I hate this generalizing thingy.
It wasn't fair.
It is BAD ya know.

Selalu kalau something happen, ni mesti ****.
Even it is true, but why must say that?
It's like judging everyone is the same.
Discouraging people.


1. A guy helped an old woman crossing the street. So that guy is nice. And people will say " Wow, such a nice guy."
2. A guy snatched handbag from an old woman. So he is bad. And here people will say "Guys are douchebag"

So what happen to the 1st guy? He is nice. But because of the 2nd situation, people generalize all guys are bad. That's unfair.

I know life is not always nice and beautiful and fair.
So I saw a video on how a teacher purposely wrote wrong answer for 1st question and wrote right answers for the next questions. But his students laughed at him for his 1st mistake and couldn't 'see' his others right answers. 
And the teachers said that is life out there.
I don't know. Some people judge too early. I did too sometimes.But suddenly I feel unfair and bad myself.

Stop generalizing people. 
Stop being racist or sexist.
Just stop.

Dalam surah Al-Fussilat ayat 46, Allah berfirman mafhumnya,

"Barangsiapa mengerjakan kebajikan maka pahalanya untuk dirinya sendiri dan barang siapa berbuat jahat, maka dosanya menjadi tanggungannya sendiri. Dan Tuhanmu sama sekali tidak akan menzalimi hamba-hambaNya"

Some people are jerks. 
Yes it is.
But not all are jerks.

Macam pepatah Melayu,

"Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga"

In other way around, please try to do and be good.
It's like doing favor to any groups that associated to you.
Be your religion, gender or race. 

Also, educate and try yourself (and myself of course) not to generalize people.
Just imagine people doing that to you when you did wrong.
The most heartbroken is that when people say "Looks at his/ her parents. No wonder." 
This! This is really hurts ya know.
If you cant be good yourself, just think about other people that might be associated with you.

You know what I mean~

P/s: Sorry for the campurization. Ehe. Got emotional this lately. 

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